Why did we create the "Je lève la main" assessment software program?

To improve training models and training assessment

Beyond offering a very easy solution for the quick creation of quizzes for use by teachers, trainers, and professionals, "Je lève la main" is an application with the power to implement new methods for the analysis of results.

In fact, this program was designed to help highlight the impact of various teaching techniques for continuous improvement in pedagogical methods.

je lève la main video
tablet application

More than a voting box:

a tool for educational analysis and orientation

The results tracking capabilities of "Je lève la main" easily highlight students' strengths and difficulties.

So they can benefit from customized and relevant guidance to help them adapt to their academic plan.


About us

"Je lève la main" is an application developed in France by the Speechi Company. Since 2004, Speechi has been offering interactive hardware solutions like the interactive touch-screen video projector and the eBeam Edge mobile interactive board (IWB) and we also develop software like Speechi 6 to transform Power Point presentations into flash and html5, changing the way people teach, train, and present.

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