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Download "Je lève la main": the online voting box
A quiz application for facilitating events, asking questions, making an evaluation and taking surveys.

"Je lève la main" is a web and mobile device application that will let you easily facilitate and assess your group meeting in real time or at a later time. The teacher creates the quizzes and the students answer the questions.

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voting box Create

Launch the application and you can easily create a questionnaire in just a few minutes or connect to a session.

quiz Animate

Add some rhythm to your courses or presentations by asking your attendees questions and comment right away about the results.

Assess results Assess results

View results obtained on the questionnaires you created and measure performance session by session and students throughout the process.

Improve Improve

Our "big data" API provides data for analyzing your audience's results and helps you improve your pedagogy.

no installation necessary

A 100% online assessment system with no installation required

"Je lève la main" voting application is accessible online using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone (Android and iOS). The teacher and the attendees can use any of these platforms to join the quiz session. No server installation is needed.

free for schools

Application is free for all schools

We provide a complete version of the software program free of charge to primary and secondary schools. This offer is valid for all schools affiliated with the National Education system up to the baccalaureate level.

A simple, complete virtual voting box


"Survey" Function

This function easily lets you perform market studies, opinion polls, municipal council votes, or general assembly votes, qualified experience feedback on MOOCs and more. There are no limits to the size of your survey (you can have several hundred thousand participants).

Virtual voting box

Several types of questionnaires available

The application lets you create several questionnaire formats ranging from multiple choice, true-false, text-based, and numerical questions...And it also lets you suggest several possible right answers. "Je lève la main" is an easy way to ask questions of small groups (fewer than 10 people) and huge groups too (up to 50,000 people).

questions multimédia

Multimedia questions

In addition to the various types of questionnaires, you have the opportunity to illustrate your questions with an image, a video, a document, or a sound. Create dynamic and interactive quizzes by directly integrating your videos taken by your smartphone, or by using a Youtube video.

statistiques et exportation excel

Histories and statistics

Consult your audience's results on the spot in order to comment on them and explain any points that weren't understood, and come back to them after the presentation to analyze the performance by using the history function. For even more flexibility, you can also save all the results in an Excel file. Analyze the results of your quizzes visually with graphic depictions (curves, scatter graphs, bar graphs, etc.).

An easy way to add rhythm to your presentations and help facilitate your sessions.

je lève la main

"Je lève la main" functions

Participants can push on the "Je lève la main" button at any time during the presentation without interrupting anything. The teacher sees this on the screen and decides what to do.

deferred session

Questions can be timed or set to rotate automatically

The teacher can decide to limit response time to the quiz or pass on to the next question manually if desired.

A collaborative assessment software program designed
for sharing and increasing knowledge

quiz sharing

Share your quizzes on a collaborative platform

Teachers can share their work or reuse other teachers' work in their own sessions thanks to the ability to share quizzes in the clouds. You can find them by using a tag system that tracks the subject matter, the level, and/or the theme of the quiz.
The intelligent recommendation engine also lets you discover quizzes similar to your own or which are similar to your use of the application.

cloud jllm

Predictive and shared analysis

You can compare results of your shared quizzes with other teachers, observe group success and group weak points to highlight the impact of each person's teaching techniques.


Create your groups to target your sessions

You can create user groups: for example a class, a cohort, a work group… Sessions can also be reserved for your groups, so you can control access to them and observe results with much more precision.
The real strength of this function comes with the API, because you can track the performance of a group and compare that group to other groups.

cloud jllm

Improve your pedagogical performance using our development kit (API)

API lets you use data that is stored in "Je Lève La Main" (results of quizzes, sessions, student scores, etc.) and perform your own analyses with your own tools. Each teacher, school, company, local government, or state can then use advanced study and analysis tools, to evaluate and improve your teaching methods.

A simple and powerful tool

prepare in advance or use live

Teacher's Side: prepare quizzes in advance or during the session

The quiz creation interface is very easy and practical so you can quickly launch a prepared quiz from your library or create a new one quickly on the fly during your session.

quiz creation application

Student's side: Deferred session, answer whenever you want

The quiz creator will decide if students can connect to sessions later and answer questions from anywhere at any time.


About us

"Je lève la main" is an application developed in France by the Speechi Company. Since 2004, Speechi has been offering interactive hardware solutions like the interactive touch-screen video projector and the eBeam Edge mobile interactive board (IWB) and we also develop software like Speechi 6 to transform Power Point presentations into flash and html5, changing the way people teach, train, and present.

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